la belle clinique

studio/ company - w/ Branding Record
role - Art Direction, Branding, UX/UI

La Belle Clinique is a plastic surgery establishment based in Hong Kong. It provides premium and tailor-made surgical plan for their customers.

challenge(s) / goal (s)
Our client’s target customers are female who are based in Hong Kong. As plastic surgery has always been stigmatised in the city. We helped our client to deliver a more positive outlook on plastic surgery - "A body that they are dreaming of."  We aimed to convey luxurious and trust-worthy to the brand identity.

As our client is providing a tailor-made service and 24 hours customer service. For the logo we use an elegant and youth typeface and connect the characters together in order to deliver dedication of our client’s service. The beige colour we are using gives a warm and friendly feeling while the teal gives a fresh yet professional touch.


Mockups Design
Front View iMac Pro Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics
Front View iMac Pro Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics